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The ideal escape backpack that leaves nothing to chance

Extreme situations usually arise without any warning. An escape backpack or an emergency backpack can serve you invaluably in such cases. The backpack itself is at least as important as its content. An escape backpack has to be sturdy and can be carried over long distances without unnecessary strain. One of the most important questions when buying is: For which scenario is the emergency backpack packed? How long should it allow you to survive?

Do you need it for a long-term escape, during which you will not receive supplies of food, etc.? Or do you just want to make sure that you have what you need when you have to leave your home quickly due to floods, fire or other disasters? Sometimes it all sounds as if it is something that only affects other people and countries, but even in our latitudes we are no longer immune to emergency situations. Climate change has long taken its toll, and warnings of terrorist attacks must also be taken seriously. In our outdoor shop we therefore have the right escape backpack with variable content ready for you.

For emergencies: a backpack that does what it says on the tin.

Together with its contents, an emergency backpack must remain lightweight so that you can carry it effortlessly even on longer distances. Every escape backpack in our range is well designed and equipped with an extensive emergency kit. This set consists of essential things from the categories of sleeping, tools / survival, food and hygiene. In our emergency backpack Comfort you will find food for a week, a sleeping bag, a thermal mat and many helpful tools that will provide you with valuable services outside of your home. When it comes to food, you have the choice: vegetarian menus are available as well as gluten-free and lactose-free, vegan emergency food, which of course can be kept for years to come.

Every escape backpack we offer is complete and ready for use. Just add your personal clothing, documents, medication and you are well prepared for emergencies.

Padded straps, ergonomic handles, quick-release fasteners, easily accessible compartments, clips for hydration systems - all these features are standard in a high-quality escape backpack

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US backpack Assault II Large

large main compartment with zip and mesh compartment Padded risers with metal D-rings adjustable, removable chest and lap belt Breathable mesh back Handle Pocket with Velcro for hydration system 2...

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Trek 'n Eat, "Chili con Carne"

Delivery time for this article 7 - 10 days We do not have this item in stock because we always want to guarantee the longest possible shelf life. That is why we always order directly from the...

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