Long-term food for outdoor activities or as crisis preparedness for at home

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Trek 'n Eat, "Chili con Carne"

Delivery time for this article 7 - 10 days We do not have this item in stock because we always want to guarantee the longest possible shelf life. That is why we always order directly from the...

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7 days food supply CONVAR EF

2 x EF Karotteneintopf (125g) Zutaten: 26% Karotten, Palmfett, Kartoffeln (Kartoffeln, färbender Curcumaextrakt), Reismehl, Stärke, Würze, Maltodextrin, Zwiebeln, Lauch, Speisesalz, Hefeextrakt,...

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7 days emergency ration

7 days package - offers food for one person for 7 days. The main meals are based on a value of approx. 600 calories per package. And the top priority for us is: The energy we consume should taste...

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