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12Survivors is about bringing people closer to nature ... and each other.

Founded on the basis of unity and selfless, steadfast teamwork in the face of adversity.

We offer high quality outdoor products such as knives, multi tools, tents, first aid kits,
Backpacks and other innovative equipment to meet the demanding needs of survivalists, preppers, campers, hikers and hunters alike.

12Survivors is about a positive message of survival, resilience,
human spirit and support for families and individuals who experience the thrill of Seek outdoor adventures.

People are inherently resilient, and 12 survivors strive to provide people with both the knowledge and the tools they need to be "ready."

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The 12 Survivors types

Study the past and patterns emerge around groups of people who have overcome great adversity and not only endured but thrived. These patterns are caused by the naturally occurring diversity among relatively small groups of people associated with healthy principles around which the group is organized.

Partly physiologically and partly psychologically, people organize themselves in groups to face a variety of challenges. From time immemorial, lessons can be found at archaeological sites, religious times, literature, fairy tales, legends, myths, cave drawings and even in our DNA.

The echoes of the distant past, where people lived in tribal groups, hardwired into our being, as evidenced in our response to universal symbols, primeval fears and natural instincts. These universal insights were organized into a core group of 12 survival archetypes.

The 12 different types or roles are vital to the survival and success of any group, whether it's in a tribe, social or massive civilization. These archetypes give us insight into the diversity needed among people as well as the functions that have to be performed.

A thorough understanding of how you fit into the different archetypes will help you understand your role in a group and help you distinguish survival characteristics from those that link you to determine your own survivability score.

The hunter

As the backbone of every small group in primitive environments, the primary responsibility of the hunter is to secure game for the group. Hunters have to be agile, strong and brave. Good depth perception and sharp vision, supported by a fast and stable foot, will allow the hunter to come back with enough for everyone. Any group in a hostile world without several huntable members will have little chance of survival. Although the hunter is necessary for the survival of the group after it has passed its "best" hunting years or has been hindered or injured, it is forced to adapt to new skills or becomes a burden for the group. Hunters often help the next archetype, the defender, when the group is attacked or threatened.

The defender

The main task of the members of this archetype is to defend the group. Members of this archetype risk their own lives to protect the lives of young people or other members of the group who cannot defend themselves. Defenders are usually the strongest members, or they are practical with different weapons. Threats to other people are often a more serious risk than risks from nature alone. With the collapse of a larger society or civilization, it will be very likely that they will encounter violent groups geared towards destruction and death as a method of survival. Strong defense is not an option - it is a necessity.

The discoverer

The explorer, or boy scout, always looks out over the nearest hill and is crucial to identify potential threats. Endurance, attentive observation and an acute sense of direction are required for the members of this Survivor archetype. The Explorer not only finds a better location and new resources, but also helps the group to find the safest and most efficient path. While the explorer is crucial to the expansion, the group generally regards it as an outsider and is usually not as close to the other members.

The paramedic

When people get injured or sick, permanent injury or death without a paramedic is common. A caring nature, a basic understanding of human physiology and a practical knowledge of first aid techniques are the building blocks of good medicine. Evidence of brain surgery found in archaeological records has shown that even primitive societies had enough basic knowledge of first aid techniques to perform surgery and set bones. Even the smallest cut or injury can quickly become life-threatening outdoors if it is not treated quickly and correctly. With such a special ability, the Medic almost becomes a "protected" member of the group. The value of a good medic is difficult to replicate, making it a target for foreign threats and intruders.

The farmer

Farmers need a special kind of skill. Providing more reliable food sources through agriculture, planting and cultivation are just a few of the skills the cultivator specializes in. These skills are needed for the survival of each group, as many solutions to our most basic needs are the result of domesticating domestic animals. Training dogs, raising animals and collecting milk, eggs and fur / wool. Raising crops and animals is critical to the creation of excess food and allows the work to be assigned to other functions that are not based solely on hunting and gathering activities.

The naturalist

The naturalist understands how nature works and how to use the power of nature to ensure survival. The naturalist can determine whether wild plants and animals are dangerous. The identification and tracking of animals and humans offers an advantage for the hunting or protection camp in which the natural scientist specializes. The naturalist is generally good at identifying potential uses of plants and animals to avoid dangerous animals and find additional editable food sources. Similar to the Medic, natural scientists are also able to identify plants that contain healing properties, naturally usable materials or water trapped in the soil or in plants. Ideally, the naturalist can set up snares and traps to catch fish and game or help protect against unwanted intruders. The naturalist is a good complementary role for the archetypes of farmers, hunters, explorers, inventors and defenders.

The inventor

The task of the inventor is to make improvements from available materials. Improving shelters and repairing weapons and tools is essential to the role the inventor plays in the group. After all, it was the ability to make tools that separated humans from animals. Inventors in terms of a key 12 survival archetypes include engineers, builders, carpenters, metal smiths and other similar disciplines. They are critical in leading a group from basic survival to an organized society that often frees up human labor to be used in specialized activities. They are often among the smartest members of the group and are also known as practical problem solvers who handle numbers well and work well with their hands. Typically, the inventor needs the other archetypes to apply the innovations and are often poor communicators and usually not the strongest in the group.

The dealer

The ability to trade or trade resources is critical for small groups to further improve their condition. Someone in the group has to interact with other groups at some point in order to act or act for the mutual benefit of all. Properly practiced trading or bartering can bring about a sustained improvement in the quality of life, but if the deal is poor, the group could be at risk of lack of resources, increasing the risk of extermination. Those who distinguish themselves as traders are natural communicators, with negotiating skills and good numbers to find an acceptable deal. Because of the connection with the outside world, information that is crucial for the survival of the group is often passed on with the good and the goods. Groups of people who have had good trade relationships for many years can often count on providing help in an emergency and the potential to be powerful allies when they threaten each other. A trader by nature is a risk taker and endangers his life with every first encounter. As a result, the dealer is often the source of material injustice and susceptible to contempt for others in the group.

The teacher

No group could expect to survive long if the collective wisdom and experiences are not passed on to the next generation. The teacher ensures that each member of the group is properly cared for and prepared for the position in which they move as soon as they have reached the correct age. While essential to the long-term success of the group or society, the teacher is often exploited for its value to the group. The maintenance and preparation as well as the general maintenance of the camp have a rather intangible value, which is more difficult to estimate for the other members of the group. While this may be viewed as a negative attribute by some, the teacher develops special relationships with many of the young members and sees great value in the development of the group.

The jester

The Jester is meant in the sense of the twelve archetypes and with great respect. The jester contains aspects of the artist, musician, storyteller and performer that are necessary to give the group a unique identity and enable escape from the harsh realities of everyday life. The Jester also offers a necessary counterbalance to the order, discipline and violence found in hunters, defenders and leader types by addressing a higher humanity and creating a higher vision of justice, tolerance and love. Jesters create or improve the rare moments of joy after all the work is done. Primary skills vary widely depending on the type of hunter, but often include an outgoing charismatic personality, gifts in art, a caring nature, or a good companion. Often when young, a jester will mature into an inventor, naturalist, philosopher or leader with experience.

The leader

A group without a leadership is doomed to fail. The leader holds the group together, distributes justice, keeps order, brings out the best (or worst) in others, and makes other difficult decisions that others cannot or do not want to do. The primary function is the organization of work and resources for the maximum benefit of the group. When groups reach a higher level of civilization, the leader sets priorities and sets a vision for society. The selection of managers in groups is a highly debated topic. In grassroots it is often the strongest member of the group that emerges as the leader. Groups that are best organized for survival seem to choose a leader based on the best leadership skills and vision that meet the needs of the group. It is imperative that the group choose the best leader, but we have always struggled with it as a species. Though central to the survival of a group, leaders take responsibility for failure and often pay with their lives when they are unwilling to lose power or unable to retain their power.

The philosopher

The philosopher is listed last, because without appeals to a higher spiritual, moral, logical or natural purpose, the group lacks cohesion and an ultimate goal that drives them towards civilization and the realization of human potential. This type of survival archetype in different cultures or stages of development is used by various other names such as priests, sages, sages and others. This function is often the most experienced member of the group or is no longer able to perform its tasks from the start. They are often called to take on teaching roles or they can be chosen as guides.

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copy of 12Survivors Hand Pump Water Purifier

Dimensions - 1.8x8.5in Filter Elements - Antibacterial Granular Activated Carbon Filter and Diatomite Ceramic Filter Material - Aircraft grade aluminum and BPA free food grade plastic Operating temperature, F/C - 32 to 122 / 0 to 50 Output Flow Rate - 0.5 liters per Minute Weight, oz - 12.8INCLUDED IN PACKAGE O-Ring Lubricant Ceramic Scrubber Filter...

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12Survivors, 1L flexible foldable water bottle

HF welded seams offer extreme durability Completely free of BPA, PVC and phthalates Possibility to mount a standard bottle cap on the reservoir with the adapter supplied Only 40 grams in weight when empty. Equipment loops for hanging on bags or other places Capacity - 1 liter Dimensions - 24 x 10 x 5 cm Material (bottle, cap, gear loops) - TPU...

Price €15.59
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12Survivors, 0.5L flexible foldable water bottle

HF welded seams offer extreme durability Completely free of BPA, PVC and phthalates Possibility to mount a standard bottle cap on the reservoir with the adapter supplied Only 35 grams in weight when empty. Equipment loops for hanging on bags or other places Capacity - 0.5 liters Dimensions - 24 x 6 x 5 cm Material (bottle, cap, gear loops) - TPU...

Price €14.61
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12Survivors water purifier "filter pen"

Can be screwed onto a standard bottle (e.g. soda-PET and water bottles) Tested by TÜV SÜD to reduce 99.9999% of bacteria (like Giardia) and 99.99% of protozoan cysts Prevents serious illnesses such as salmonella, giardia, cholera, diarrhea and more Failsafe full filter shutdown Filter life of 1,500 liters Built-in pre-filter for water with excessive...

Price €29.23
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12Survivors First Aid Rollup Kit

Zip pockets for organized storage Do-It-Yourself Velcro labels Easy to attach to the outside of your equipment Weatherproof nylon 42-piece kit The rollup kit itself can be used as a make shift rail 1 emergency blanket 1 poncho 8 PBT elastic bandages 4 sterile non-woven gauze pads 2 wet wipes 4 BZK antiseptic smears 4 alcohol preparation pads...

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12Survivors First Aid Mini Rollup Kit

72-piece set that includes all basic first aid needs Two buckles and Velcro MOLLE straps; Handle Seven inside pockets with zip Customizable Velcro labels Plaster 5 x 5 cm - 1 piece Plaster 2.5 x 7.5 cm - 20 pieces Plaster 3 x 10 cm - 20 pieces Self-adhesive bandage - 3 pieces Adhesive butterfly bandage - 5 pieces Dressing gauze 5 x 5 cm - 2...

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12 Survivors Solarflare 5, solar panel

Ultra compact and lightweight portable design 5.3 watt solar capacity Single 1 Amp USB charging port Equipment loops for hanging on the packaging or in other places Auto restart function - Starts charging as soon as sunlight hits Electricity - 1 amp. (Maximum available) Material - monocrystalline cells Power - 5.3 watts (maximum power) Voltage...

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12 Survivors Solarflare 11, solar panel

Ultra compact and lightweight portable design 10.6 watts of solar capacity Dual 2.1 Amp USB charging port Equipment loops for hanging on the packaging or in other places Auto restart function - Starts charging as soon as sunlight hits Electricity - 2.1 amp. (Maximum available) Material - monocrystalline cells Power - 10.6 watts (maximum power)...

Price €82.81
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12 Survivors multitool

Pliers, saw, flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, knife, file, awl, lever bracket, bot Locking mechanism for all tools to ensure that they remain in the open position during operation Nylon bag with belt included Internal spring mechanism for pliers Length - 12 cm Width - 4 cm Height - 2 cm Weight - 500 grams To the product video

Price €26.27
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12 Survivors knife kit

Fixed blade knife Folding knife Hand ax and multi tool Snap straps Outside attachment to a backpack Weatherproof nylon Length - 40 cm Width - 10 cm Height - 16 cm Weight - 1800 grams To the product video

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12 Survivors hand pump water filter

Dimensions - 4.5 x 21 cm Filter elements - Antibacterial activated carbon filter and diatomite ceramic filter Material - Food grade aircraft grade aluminum and BPA free plastic Operating temperature, 0 to 50 Celsius Output flow - 0.5 liters per minute Weight, 345g INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE O-ring lubricant Ceramic filter Filter cotton Rubber hose...

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