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Walkstool - a well thought out product

There are thousands

To have reasons for that

a stool that is portable.

You and your normal chair don't get along. They are constantly on the move and stand still. Think for a minute; You like to play golf, hunt, fish and you also want to sit for a while. You go to concerts, wait in line, go for a long walk, go camping and would also like to sit down. You travel or feel the effects of an injury that has not healed. You are performing service work at other workplaces and would like to sit down for a while. There are thousands of reasons for a portable chair.

The act of transformation

But it should be small, light, and convenient. It has to be able to transform from a portable packaging to a stable and comfortable item to sit on. The transformation should be so simple that anyone can do it.

It should also be nice to have a look and not to cost too much. It should serve as a perfect gift for someone you care about.

Walkstool - a well thought out product

Now you can buy this chair. It is a real Swedish invention and the only one of its kind. No other stool fulfills all these requirements at the same time: it should stand stable, sit comfortably for a long time (ergonomically shaped seat) and hold for years (quality down to the last detail). Walkstool is made with telescopic aluminum legs and a high-tech material seat that has been tested by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute and can handle loads between 225-425 kg (495-935 lbs).

The chair bears the English name Walkstool because people all over the world are looking for the same solution to the same problem. Search in shops for outdoor, sports, hunting and fishing etc.

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