Cobra crossbow

Cobra crossbow, adventure menu, darntough merino socks and more for your survival gear

2SurvivalGuys is committed to everything you need to survive successfully. Whether in crisis situations or during an exciting outdoor adventure - with 2SurvivalGuys you are always optimally equipped. From the Cobra crossbow to Adventure Menu to Darntough Merino socks , you will find a comprehensive selection for your survival equipment .

Cobra crossbow - a crossbow for high demands

The Cobra crossbow from EK Archery stands for innovation, reliability and quality. 2SurvivalGuys offers you a large selection of different crossbows from the manufacturer. You are optimally equipped with the EK Archery Cobra RX 130lbs Deluxe Set, the EK Archery Cobra R9 crossbow or the pistol crossbow Cobra 80lbs EK Archery.

Sports shooting is all about precision and accuracy. A Cobra crossbow fulfills exactly these characteristics. A closer look at the EK Archery Cobra ADDER is worthwhile.

EK Archery Cobra ADDER

The EK Archery Cobra ADDER is a real revolution. The first tactical crossbow with magazine. With a length of about 22 '' and a weight of around 5.5 lbs, it has a draw weight of 130 lbs. An arrow speed of 275fps can be achieved with this. The high-quality crossbow has an empty shot protection and a repeating mechanism. Its shaft is made of composite material, the limbs are made of fiberglass. It has a picatinny rail on the front, bottom of the front handle and for the visor, as well as a tactical shoulder rest that is adjustable. The EK Archery Cobra ADDER enables even inexperienced shooters to get a precise shot.
And thanks to the magazine with automatic bolt feeder, up to six shots can be precisely targeted in less than ten seconds.

Adventure Menu - high quality outdoor food

With every outdoor adventure, the right food in your backpack should not be missing. With an Adventure Menu , outdoor food is quick and easy to prepare. The Adventure Menu is flamelessly heated with the help of a small heating capsule. The heating capsule is placed in a zipper bag or other container with water. The resulting steam heats up the outdoor meal. The Adventure Menu is available in a wide variety. From pork chop with potatoes to meatballs with basmati rice and tomato sauce to vegetable risotto with tofu or vegan tandoori quinoa, there is the right outdoor food for every taste.

Survival equipment - optimally prepared for the adventure

The food is secured - now it is important to think about the right clothing. Particular attention should be paid to the feet. Feet take adventurers everywhere, but if bubbles or pressure points form, the planned outdoor event is no longer fun. Therefore, Darntough Merino socks should not be missing in the survival equipment .

Darntough Merino socks keep your feet warm, provide comfort and are very robust. They are made from a blend of merino wool, nylon and lycra spandex. Darntough Merino socks are available in different versions, so you can find the right Darntough Merino socks for every foot and shoe. In addition to socks that offer a particularly good hold in boots, merino socks are also available for low-cut hikers and running shoes. There are also Darntough socks with a lifetime guarantee. If at any time you show a defect due to normal use, there is a new pair - without ifs and buts!

Optimally equipped thanks to 2SurvivalGuys

Whether Cobra crossbow , outdoor food or survival equipment - with 2SurvivalGuys you are optimally equipped. If you are enthusiastic about sport shooting, you should not miss our Cobra crossbow selection. This latest crossbow from the manufacturer will revolutionize the sport.

She also best equips 2SurvivalGuys for the outdoor adventure. The right survival equipment , a nutritious and tasty adventure menu or the right tent, sleeping bag or backpack - 2SurvivalGuys has everything ready for you. Discover our range of tools, Multitools and water filters and equip yourself with the necessary equipment for your next adventure in the best possible way. The long and laborious search with different providers is over - with us you get everything from one source.

Cobra crossbow

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