DRAKE Fire - Carbon Hybrid Arrow - 12 pack
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  • DRAKE Fire - Carbon Hybrid Arrow - 12 pack

DRAKE Fire - Carbon Hybrid Arrow - 12 pack

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Technical data:
Length: 28", 30" or 32"
Spine: 500
Weight (30", complete): 530gr
tip: screw tip, 100gr
Feathering: 3" Vanes

Suitable accessories: Ø 0.246"


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Complete Arrow | DRAKE Fire - Carbon Hybrid Arrow - 12 pack

DRAKE´s new starter arrow is called Fire and is the combination of two materials that are otherwise only known from completely opposite areas of archery: carbon and fibreglass. The carbon is only used for more expensive arrows, which are used by advanced shooters and professionals because of their very good flight and material characteristics. Fibreglass, on the other hand, is usually only used by beginners because it is almost indestructible and relatively inexpensive. DRAKE has combined these two materials and with the Fire a good-performance, long-lasting complete arrow in its offer. It combines the good flight characteristics of a carbon arrow with the robustness of a fibreglass arrow.