EK Archery COBRA R-Series ADDER
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  • EK Archery COBRA R-Series ADDER
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  • EK Archery Cobra R9 Deluxe Pack

EK Archery COBRA R-Series ADDER

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Brief description of the Cobra ADDER package:

  • Draw weight: 130 lbs
  • Arrow speed : approx. 270fps / 296 kmh
  • Energy: approx. 30 joules
  • Length (adjustable): about 22 "(about 57cm)
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs (2,695 kg)
  • Powerstroke: 7.5 "
  • Magazine capacity: 5 arrows
  • Blank shot safety devices
  • Repeating mechanism
  • Composite shaft
  • Picatinny rail 22mm at the front on the sides, at the bottom of the front handle and for the visor
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Tactical shoulder rest adjustable

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Data sheet

Draw weight
130 lbs
Lever - Quickdraw system
Adjustable Stock

The world's first tactical repeating crossbow!

Based on the popular Cobra RX crossbow, the Adder brings something completely new to the table with a top-loading magazine. This enables quick and easy follow-up shots.

The crossbow has a draw weight of approx. 130lbs / 58kg for high accuracy and range.

The crossbow comes with an adjustable AR-style shaft, which is easy to put on and ensures a comfortable shooting position.

The Cobra "Adder" from EK Archery is the revolution in the crossbow market! A real tactical crossbow that enables even an inexperienced shooter to fire up to 5 rounds in under 10 seconds, and that with great accuracy.

It has many of the functions of the R9 / RX Deluxe, such as the extendable AR15 shoulder rest, the quickly removable sling mounts and the robust tensioning mechanism. The Adder builds on this solid foundation by designing a magazine with a capacity of 5 bolts. A reliable empty shot protection ensures that the crossbow can no longer be cocked when the magazine is empty.

The Cobra Adder pistol crossbow is a special development by EK Archery Research. It has a very small bow and shoots 7.5 "bolts which can also be optionally equipped with broadheads. It is cocked with a repeating mechanism.

According to our tests, the mechanism works extremely well and reliably.

The large lever makes cocking the Cobra RX crossbow very easy and pleasant.

The mechanism is solved in a very innovative way. When tensioning, the entire fuse box moves forward and grips the string. On the one hand, the empty shot safety is activated immediately and, on the other hand, the fuse box is physically separated from the trigger mechanism in this phase. This reliably prevents a premature shot.

The Cobra RX Deluxe crossbow has an AR shaft that can be adjusted several times and makes the crossbow comfortable for shooters of all sizes. The Cobra Adder is equipped with a variety of accessory rails that are perfect for visors and accessories.


Scope of delivery adder:

Crossbow complete with 130lbs bow and magazine

  • 5 x 7.5 "bolts made of carbon with screw tip

  • 130 lbs limbs with the tendon open

  • Tendon wax

  • Red dot sight made of aluminum

  • Front handle (for Picatinny rail)

  • adjustable shoulder rest in AR15 design

  • Replacement tendon

  • Tendon stretching aid

  • 1 set of bow end caps

  • safety goggles

  • Carrying loop



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