EK Archery VLAD Frontend 30lbs
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EK Archery VLAD Frontend 30lbs

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Draw weight 30lbs

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1x Front end 30Lbs 


The VLAD is the new compact 8-shot crossbow from EK Archery and is based in large part on the innovations of the Cobra series with the R9, RX and Adder.

The integrated magazine of the VLAD can be changed quickly and without tools and the stable aluminum buttstock can be folded away to the side, which makes the VLAD extremely compact and unobtrusive for transport.

The VLAD comes with a 60lbs and an additional 90lbs strong limb, the limbs can also be changed without tools and stowed away for transport.

The cocking mechanism of the VLAD is connected to the side-folding aluminum stock and with the special front grip and the additional leverage of the stock, the crossbow can be cocked effortlessly and quickly.

The VLAD's magazine can be reloaded in seconds with the included 8-shot quick loader.

The VLAD can be equipped with two of these quick loaders, which attach to Picatinny rails at the front end of the crossbow.

The 16 supplied 6.5" aluminum bolts can be accelerated to up to 165fps (approx. 50ms) with the 60lbs limbs and up to 200fps (approx. 61ms) with the 90lbs limbs.

With the shaft folded in, the VLAD is only approx. 46 cm long and weighs just under 2 kg and can therefore also be transported in smaller backpacks.

The VLAD comes with an 8-round magazine, a red dot sight, a speed loader, a spare string, a pair of limbs with 60lbs and 90lbs and 16 6.5" bolts.



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