Secure payment options

Payment in advance:

You will first receive an order confirmation. Please do not make any bank transfer!

Your order will be processed as quickly as possible and you will receive a corresponding pre-calculation with bank details, total amount and purpose.

Until the payment is received no reservation of the ordered goods. If the goods are sold out in the meantime at the time of the complete payment and have to be ordered anew, the customer will be informed immediately.

Payment by PayPal:

PayPal is the secure online payment service to pay quickly and easily in online stores.

free & secure: your bank or credit card details are only deposited with PayPal. That's why they are not sent over the Internet every time you make an online purchase.

Easy payment with two clicks. You pay via your deposited with PayPal bank or credit card data, without having to re-enter each time you buy.

Fast: PayPal payments arrive quickly. Because we can send the goods immediately and you get them thus usually earlier.

For technical reasons, this payment method or an order with this payment method can not be subsequently changed. If you have selected Paypal with your order and would now like to select another payment method or change the order with additional items, please cancel your order and enter it directly into our online shop.

For returns, we will automatically credit the amount to your PayPal account.

Payment via Amazon:

Simply log in with your Amazon account and pay as usual with all the options available to you on Amazon.

Important for deliveries to non-European countries (Norway, Switzerland)

Additional country-specific import duties may apply, such as customs duties, customs clearance fees and, if applicable, import sales taxes. The fee depends on the country. Please ask these fees at your local customs office. Also, additional cash on delivery fees may apply. These fees are to be borne by you.