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Proof of age for articles from 18 years

All items that you can order from 2Survivalguys are freely available for sale. The articles are not subject to registration.

When is proof of age required?

Items that are marked in the item description with "No sale under 18 years" may only be given to people over 18 years. This is e.g. around some self-defense items, various knives, crossbows, etc.

Why is your proof of age required for these items?

The articles may only be given to persons over the age of 18 by law.

In order to comply with the legal requirements and to be able to determine your age beyond any doubt, we require a one-off copy of your ID card (from the front and back) when you place your first order.

If such an item is included in your order, you will receive an info email after placing your order.

You can then decide how you want to perform the age verification.

100% data protection

Your proof of age is only required for a one-time confirmation and to determine your date of birth or your age. Your ID will not be registered. All customer data is subject to data protection and will not be passed on.

Please note that without proof of age or your feedback, the order will NOT be processed.

The 2 options for proof of age:

1- Verification by the courier

For this purpose, the identity of the customer is checked by the delivery company of the shipping company.

A fee of € 8.50 will be charged for this.

The deliverer will only hand over the goods after the age check and only to the customer personally.

 If you choose this method, please let us know briefly in response to the info mail on age verification.

2- You send us a copy of your ID after you have placed your order

fast - uncomplicated - safe

How can you send us a copy of your proof of age?

Send by email:

You are welcome to send us a photo or a copy of your identity card (front and back) by email.

Send your proof of age by email to:

Photo and other data besides name and date of birth can be made unrecognizable.

Send by post:

You are welcome to send us your proof of age by post. Send a copy of the front u. Back of your ID card or a photo in a prepaid envelope to:

Company 2SurvivalGuys

Rüttebergstrasse 44

D-79650 Schopfheim

Important when choosing a different delivery address:

If you choose a different delivery address for your order than the billing address, then we also need proof of age of the recipient of the delivery address.

Please note that corresponding products can only be delivered if we have this proof of age before shipping!

Important for delivery to packing station:

Please note that corresponding products can only be delivered if we have your proof of age before shipping!

Sale of legally regulated articles:

The customer is responsible for any necessary permits and registration of legally regulated goods.

If a registration or permit is required for the possession of a product (knife, pepper spray, crossbow, bow, etc.), the buyer is responsible for obtaining this himself.

We check whether the requirements under German law (sale from 18 years) are met.

Selling abroad (where articles are not expressly prohibited)

Customers are responsible for observing the applicable laws.