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  • copy of TENPOINT Vapor RS470

Crossbow / Bow repair service

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Repair of your crossbow / bow

String and / or cable changes in compound crossbows and compound bows

You receive:

- 1 pre-paid DHL shipping label to send in your crossbow / bow (insured shipping) Simply print out, stick on, done!

- professional repair service / maintenance / repair

- Cables / strings and other repair parts (limbs etc.) are NOT included in the price. You can inquire about the costs for this in advance, but we will contact you in any case after an initial inspection of the crossbow / bow.

- insured return shipping to you

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Order this service if you need to change string and / or cables (or repair strings and cables that have slipped off) on your compound bow or crossbow. We have the necessary equipment and are happy to help you.

Please note that this article only includes the service, the material (string, cable, if not available) must be ordered separately.

You are welcome to contact us in advance.

Please send us the following information:

Make and model

brief description of the problem, e.g. "String torn", "broken limb", etc.

we will contact you immediately.